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International Trap


Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association is affiliated with USA Shooting, the governing body for International Trap.
FSA has an international bunker on the club grounds. International Trap is the same style that is shot in the Olympics. Olympic Trap is an international discipline that incorporates fifteen machines. Targets have a minimum height of 1.5 meters and a maximum height of 3.5 meters as measured 10 meters in front of the bunker. Targets are thrown between 60 and 65 mph depending on the target height to get the 76 meter distance required. The maximum target angle is 45 degrees. There are nine set programs for the fifteen traps that are used in all countries of the world. A squad of six shooters takes turns shooting from five stations. Shooters move to the next station after each target in a shoot-and-move rotation. The shooting stations are located in a straight line. On the shooter’s call a target is thrown from one of three fixed traps directly in front of the shooter. Two shots may be used for each target with no penalty in scoring. In the round of twenty five targets each shooter gets two lefts, two rights, and one straightaway target from each station. During USA matches shot charge is restricted to twenty four grams using any safe powder charge. Also the Olympic target is made harder to handle the higher target speed and is slightly larger with slightly less height than the American trap target.
FSA's bunker is open for practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays at twelve o'clock, noon.
New shooters are always welcome. Rules and protocol are explained, and questions answered.
Over/Under shotguns are preferred, but other type actions are allowed (semi-autos, pumps, side by side). Due to the speed of the targets, pump actions would be a handicap.
Bunker targets are challenging, but also rewarding. Give it a try!
For more information on International Trap, or for some personal one-on-one to get started, feel free to contact the FSA Trap Section Leader, Charles Wentzel.
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