Fairfield Sportsmen's Association
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Falling Plates


Falling Plates is a fun shooting sport for enthusiasts who enjoy a competition of handgun handling. There are a total of six stands, each holding 6 plates: 3 stands for centerfire with 8 diameter targets, and 3 stands for rimfire with diamond-shaped targets with 8" equal sides.
A match consists of two sets of four relays of 6 rounds at a specific distance and specific time interval.
 Relay 1:10 yards with 6-second time allowance
 Relay 2:15 yards with 7-second time allowance
 Relay 3:20 yards with 8-second time allowance
 Relay 4:25 yards with 9-second time allowance
Points are scored by the number of plates hit in the allotted time. Centerfire plates must be knocked down to score; rimfire plates must show a hit to score.
 The competition matches use the Lewis-type scoring.
Falling Plates is held on the first Saturday of each month.
For more information on Falling Plates contact the FSA Match Director, John James.
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