Fairfield Sportsmen's Association
Home club of two 1996 United States Olympians


Thank you for visiting the Fairfield Sportsmen's Association website. I hope that you have found your visit informative and enjoyable.
If you are interested in becoming a member of our organization or you are a current or past member, please follow the links below for membership information.
For new member information, the application process, membership requirements, membership & safety/orientation meeting times, please click here.
If you are a current member, please click here for information on annual dues, renewals, club email, and other information.
If you are a past member, please click here for information regarding the process of renewing/reinstating your membership.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at membership@fairfieldsportsmen.com.
Thank You,

Mark Klusmeier

Membership Chairman

New Members

Requirements for Membership:
  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You must be sponsored by two existing members of the Association (this will not be waived and will be checked to verify sponsors are current FSA members).
  3. You must be a member of the National Rifle Association. We can help you join the NRA if you wish when you submit your Application for FSA membership.
  4. You must attend a mandatory range safety/orientation meeting. No membership credentials can be issued prior to the completion of this attendance.
Dues and Fees:
  1. Current dues are $100.00 per year. FSA's membership year runs from March to February. First year dues for new members are pro-rated.
  2. There is an initiation fee of $150.00 upon joining, in addition to annual dues.
  3. There is a $10.00 application fee. This is credited to the remaining dues upon acceptance into membership.
  4. If you are joining the National Rifle Association when you apply for FSA membership, a separate check made out to the NRA for the appropriate dues amount (depends on the membership period in NRA you have selected) will be required.
Application Process:
  1. Click here to download the membership application package.
  2. Prospective member arrives at FSA on meeting day to make application for membership.
  3. Meetings are on the second Sunday of each month.
  4. Applications (with the $10 application fee) are accepted by the Membership Chairman in the Education & Training Building beginning immediately following the adjournment of the membership business meeting (usually around 11:45am). Application packets are available online, from the Range Safety Officer during club operating hours, and from the Membership Chair during the new member sign-up on meeting days.
  5. After applications are submitted, the mandatory safety meeting will be held. This will begin at 12:00 noon, and will take approximately 1 hour to complete. At the end of the Safety Meeting, the presenting Safety Officer will sign certificates of attendance at the Safety Meeting, which must then be submitted to the Membership Chair.
  6. Applicants' names are posted on the members-only section of the club website and also read aloud for review, discussion, and vote at the following month's general membership meeting.
  7. Applicants voted into membership will receive an invoice for the balance of their joining fees shortly after the meeting at which they are voted in. Upon payment of that invoice and the submission of any missing required information, your membership card and other information will be mailed to you.

Current Members

If you are a current member of FSA and have any questions regarding your membership, the club email, need to update your membership information, please contact me.
Listed below are a few items of assistance:
  1. The club opens at 9 AM each day. Closing times are staggered based on the time of year. Watch the website and email for details.
  2. Everyone entering the property for any reason (other than participating in a managed shoot/event) MUST check in with the Range Safety Officer (based in the Red Barn at the middle of the property where the driveway "Y's"). Guests and children also must sign-in with the Range Safety Officer and must be accompanied by the member at all times.
  3. Membership cards MUST be worn at all times while on the club grounds.
  4. If you are shooting casually, you MUST check in with the Range Safety Officer. If you are attending a managed shoot or event (e.g. a league event) then you should check in with the shoot manager, not the Range Safety Officer.
Some membership FYI's:
  1. PLEASE keep your address and other contact information current with the club. Renewals for the next membership year are mailed in October. If you do not receive one, we may have an obsolete address. Please contact us to verify/update your information. This will also help alleviate mailings being returned. It costs your club nearly $1000 every time a mailing goes to all members. Returned mailings just add to that. Please help us avoid them by staying current with your information.
  2. Early renewals are greatly appreciated. They also prevent forgetting to mail your dues and losing your membership privileges due to non-payment.
  3. If you would like to be added to or removed from the club's email system or if you are experiencing difficulties with the email system, please contact me. Emails are sent out daily with club activities, closures, and other important information.
  4. Membership meetings are the second Sunday of the month at 11 AM. They are always in the Education & Training Building. Please come out and get involved in activities here at FSA.
  5. Club workdays occur regularly when there is a fifth Saturday in a month and at other times as needed. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please contact any Section Leader or Treasurer Rick Browning to learn what projects are planned for an upcoming date or to volunteer.
  6. Nomination of members to stand for election to club offices occurs at the December and January membership meetings. Eligibility for the various offices is described in the club Constitution distributed with your membership credentials. Ballots are mailed to all members promptly after the January meeting. They can be returned by mail (for receipt prior to the February meeting), or submitted in person at the Annual Membership meeting on the second Sunday of February. The ballots are counted and the results announced at that meeting.
If you have any questions or concerns about the club in general, feel free to contact me or any other club officer. Officer contact information can be found on the Contact Us page. You may also attend a membership meeting and voice your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Former Members

If you are a former member of FSA and your membership ended less than one year ago (memberships end on meeting day in February if dues are unpaid at that time) and would like to reinstate your membership, you may do so by contacting the Membership Chair with your member number, your payment of dues for the current year, and your statement of desire to reinstate your membership.
If you are a former member of FSA and your membership ended more than one year ago (memberships end on meeting day in February if dues are unpaid at that time) and would like to rejoin the club, you would follow the new member process described above.
If you are unsure how long ago your membership ended, please contact me for assistance.
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