Fairfield Sportsmen's Association
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NRA Certified Instructor


Are you involved in shooting pistols, rifles and/or shotguns?
Do you like seeing a puff of smoke from a clay target or trying your hand at being the steadiest shooter in a bulls-eye pistol match? Or, would you rather sit at the bench, dial in your scope, and get that tight group at 100 yards with your bolt-action rifle?
Are you interested in passing along your knowledge and skills to new persons getting involved in the shooting sports?
If you answered yes and are interested in becoming an NRA Certified Instructor, Fairfield Sportsmenís Association can help.
At various times throughout the year, FSA offers the opportunity to become an NRA Certified Instructor in the following areas:
Classes are taught in a classroom environment. In these classes you will learn how to present information to students in NRA Basic Classes. Prior knowledge of shooting fundamentals and completion of a NRA Basic class is a pre-requisite for becoming an NRA Certified Instructor.
If you are interested in taking any of these classes, please check the calendar for upcoming class times and dates or contact the FSA Chief Instructor, Steve Brown for further information.
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